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Foot Care Affiliate Program

Earn money while you share your knowledge of lower extremity health

We're excited to connect with people who share a passion for lower extremity health.  The affiliate program is a great way to share knowledge and foot care products with your audience.  Our affiliate members come from a broad range of professions that include:

  • Bloggers in the field of sports medicine, running and lower extremity health
  • Nurse practiioners specializing in foot care
  • Podiatrists and orthopedists
  • Physical therapists
  • Athletic trainers

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Why consider joining the affiliate program? offers more than just products.  As partners in lower extremity health, you can rely on the educational content on to provider foot care solutions for your readers and patients.  Our knowledge base of over 120 common foot care conditions is a resource that you can use to create content for your website.  Use Medically Guided Shopping as a tool to solve foot care problems and select the most approprate products for your audience.

Additional benefits of the affiliate program include:

  • Earn 10% of all sales generated by your referrals.
  • Easy sign up and integration into your blog or website
  • Timely payments - payments made every thirty days with a minimum threshhold of $30.00


Questions about getting started?  You can speak directly with our medical advisor Jeffrey Oster, DPM regading how to optimize content and how to use Medically Guided Shopping for your audience.