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Lateral Sole Wedge Update

Update on availability of lateral sole wedgesLateral sole wedges

When will have lateral sole wedges for sale?

Good news!  We've found a domestic-based manufacturer who is willing to produce lateral sole wedges for us.  Unfortunately, turn-around times are going to be a bit slow.  We anticipate the arrival of our first shipment in mid-May to early June.

The new lateral sole wedges ought to be the same as what we've been able to offer in the past - same density and quality materials.  We will be offering lateral sole wedge in two sizes.  Lateral sole wedges are easily trimmed with scissors to fit your shoe.

Thank you for your patience.


Thalia Oster, JD

Thalia Oster, JD
Founder and COE (Chief of Everything)

Updated 12/24/19

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