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Product Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchases from Natural Foot Care Products.  We think a guarantee starts with earning your trust and support.  
We guarantee transparency with our business model, our products and our ingredients.  As you navigate Natural Foot Care Products you'll see how we research our ingredients and share with you their source, their indications and why we use specific ingredients.  Transparency is at the core of a sustainable business model and a sustainable lifestyle.  It's our choice.  We think you'll agree.

We also guarantee a focus on simplicity.  Our products contain only what they need to contain and nothing more.  No artificial ingredients or preservatives.  When possible we source our ingredients from organic sources.  We source locally when possible.  Keeping ingredients simple decreases unnecessary use of resources.

We guarantee that our products are packaged in materials that can be recycled.  Please do your part to take care of Our Mother and recycle your shipping materials and packaging you receive from Natural Foot Care Products.

Natural Foot Care Product employees are trained to help you find the best product for your problem but we cannot guarantee that our products, based upon employee or medical consultant recommendations, will improve your particular problem.