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Customer Reviews

Sometimes you just have to share the love.  Here are a few of our most recent customer reviews.

2-20-2019  This is a testimonial from John H. I started using your Antifungal Healing Foot Cream religiously in December. I'm happy to report that today, I have feelilng in my feet as if they have been re-born. I feel like I'm walking on Feathers. Not only has this creme taken away the numbness in my feet, it has helped to get rid of ankle swelling and to heal an infected area on my left leg which was the result of a chicken grease burn. I use the creme twice a day. Once in the morning as I ready myself for the day by plastering the creme on the top, bottom, sides of my feet and the lower extremedity of my legs. Then I don my shoes and socks. At night-time, just before bed, I do the same routine all over again, except for wearing the shoes. I sleep pain free now and no numbness in my feet. In the morning when I wake up, the swelling around my ankles is gone. It's as if someone put a needle in the swollen area and it's deflated. This is my success story. 

2-16-2019  I ordered a Foot plate over the weekend and started to question whether I selected the right size. I called Customer Support Monday morning and they walked me through the steps to properly measure my foot to size the plate and put my order on hold until I was comfortable with the measurement. I called back to confirm the size / order and ended up leaving a message. I got an email within 5 minutes telling me they received my message and were processing the order! They evenmade sure my order went out the next day once they learned I had been wearing a boot on my right foot for 12 weeks and I needed the plate to wear shoes again. Very customer focused.

2-7-2019  Always a pleasure. Things arrive on time, and in excellent condition.

1-30-2019  Customer service was great fixed my issues without hassle, I had ordered the wrong item. Need to order from them again.

12-13-2018  I love this website and their products! I have a very complex foot with both a morton's toe and morton's neuroma and I have spent literally several thousand dollars on custom orthotics (3 pair) and numerous insoles. The Rigid Hallux Trainers Sport are what have helped me the most! I have been wearing them for about 6 months and just ordered another 3 pairs so I don't have to keep switching them between my shoes. I find their customer service reps to be friendly and knowledgeable when I call with a question, shipping is fast and they keep you notified about your order. I do wish they would somehow mark their products with their name/contact information as it would make it much easier to order again.