Great so far - but??
But what are the two little brown triangle things used for?
Guest | 7/31/2020 8:50 AM
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Comfo -high arch support
These are absolutely fabulous. Better than most orthotics I have tried - even the specially made ones. Very comfortable and no pain in my feet. Such a relief. Thank you.
Patricia | 6/28/2018 2:14 AM
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Comfo Arch Support
Very supportive and well made, just what I needed and not the expense of custom orthotics or the ones my podiatrist sells me, but exactly the same.
Guest | 4/14/2018 6:06 PM
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My arches are extremely high. It has never been an issue for me until I hit age 65. Now, if I don't have the proper support I get extreme pain in the ball of my foot. To add to this, my right foot heel rolls outward when I walk due to a teenage broken foot that had me in a cast for 6 months. So now, I have to have a really good heel support as well. This product has cured all my pain. I can't say enough good things about it. I also like that it can withstand getting wet when I garden. Many arch supports are leather and this would ruin them. AND, it is trimmable in the top foot portion to accommodate different shoe widths and toe lengths. I plan to purchase several more for different shoes I wear often. Thank you so much for this great product.
Guest | 4/13/2018 6:42 PM
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Comfo-High Arch Support
I've had high arches since I can remember and have always had issues finding the right insert to accommodate my insteps.  I find these inserts to be some of the best I've tried for high arches.
Customer support was excellent - thanks.
Guest | 2/13/2018 11:42 PM
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High Arch Support
I like the way they cradle my heel and contour to my arch.  Although I can't fit these into my dress shoes, these are an easy fit into athletic and golf shoes.
Guest | 1/4/2018 1:40 PM
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Comfo-High Arch Insole
A very interesting product indeed.  I wasn't prepared for how supportive the inserts were.  They're somewhat rigid compared with traditional inserts.  But with my high arches, they turned out to feel really quite comfortable.
Helpful staff that guided me into this choice of a high arch support.
Guest | 12/18/2017 9:07 PM
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Comfo-High Arch Support
Thank you for carrying this product.  I spoke with the staff at Myfootshop and they told me is was a new product.  I almost feel like you got it just for me!  I struggle with shoe due to my high arches.  Granted, I can't wear these in my dressy shoes, but what a relief in my athletic shoes.  Very supportive and well made.  
Guest | 11/17/2017 12:01 AM
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