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SOLE Actives are the best
I have a recurrent catch in the side of my foot.  I went to the doctor who wanted to get an MRI and I just couldn't afford the cost of the test.  I use these inserts every morning in my walking shoes-the arch support is great. I also love the way they hug my whole foot, keeping it well positioned so that it is harder to turn an ankle.  Since I've started using these orthotics I haven't had that catch in my foot.  Sure, I'm taking it easy but you know, I could buy 15-20 pair of these orthotics for the cost of one MRI.  Fingers are still crossed but so far Myfootshop.com has saved me a bundle.
Posted by: Guest | 11/16/2017 11:26 PM
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These are perfect.
These are perfect.  I've tried a number of other inserts that I got at one of the shoe stores here in San Diego but they were the gel kind.  This insert is so much better because it is firm and gives me the support that I need for my job as a waitress.  Fits in my shoes better too!
Posted by: Guest | 11/16/2017 11:36 PM
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SOLE Active
Also good for 'inactive' activities.  I work in a lab, standing for long periods of time on supportive mats.  These have helped me reach the 4 hour point before my feet start screaming.  Prior to using these, I could only make it to three.
Well made.  Seems like they'll last me for a bit.  
Posted by: Guest | 12/18/2017 9:11 PM
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Sole Active
I work in the med-surg floor as a nurse doing recovery which means I need to stand at bedside with patients.  These inserts have made a remarkable improvement in my day.  My feet still hurt a bit, but I'm able to get through my day now and not feel spent at the end of my shift.
Posted by: Guest | 2/13/2018 11:33 PM
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Just the right amount of support!
This insole has really allowed me to workout again after dealing with some tendonitis. I recommend it to anyone with an unstable ankle!
Posted by: Guest | 6/26/2018 10:33 AM
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