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Achilles Tendon Support by Pro-Tec
My achilles had been sore for almost a year when a co-worker of mine let me borrow his Achilles Tendon Support by Pro-Tec.  Before hand I had been unable to run, jog or even walk fast.  My ankle hurt every night.  A few days after wearing this, I started to run again.  Two weeks after wearing this, my ankle felt so great that I played in a paintball tournament running through wooded terrain, up and down hills.  I have bought two more and I wear one every day.  My foot feels better even without wearing it, but it's still significantly better wearing it.  If you have problems with your achilles, I CERTAINLY advise wearing it.  ALSO, the customer service of this website was far beyond my expectations.  They kept me up to date, on my order, and were easy to work with.  I have saved their site to my "Favorites" menu in case I need to order something again.
Posted by: Mark | 11/5/2012 2:54 PM
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Achilles tendon support
Due to a strain Achilles tendon I was unable to continue my running. I was training for a 5K obstacle course. By the time I found your site, ordered and received the strap it was only a few days before the event. Not one to quit, even if I had to walk through the entire course, I would go and finish. I wore the Achilles Tendon Strap for one day before and that was at work. No running just walking.

On the day of the event I strapped it on and off I went. I made it through the entire 5K course. I ran and walked. I walked not because of pain but because of my conditioning and not being able to run earlier. I went through mud, waist deep water, up and over obstacles, through tires. It was a true obstacle course. I did not have one twinge of pain! I was amazed!! I swear by this Achilles Tendon Strap.
Posted by: Guest | 1/24/2015 10:18 PM
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Pro-Tec Achilles Tendon Support
It's a bit early to really tell, but I have seen a difference in my heel pain over the past two weeks of use.  My trainer said that tendon injuries take a long time to heal, so I'll be patient.
The product is well made and fits well.  It arrived in less than 3 days from the order day, so that was pretty sweet.
Posted by: Guest | 2/9/2016 9:18 PM
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Achilles Tendon Support
I really do think that use of this brace was the turning point for my chronic heel pain.  I was treated by 3 doctors for chronic Achilles tendinitis.  None of their care seemed to help.  Once I started to wear this brace, things have really seemed to improve.
Posted by: Guest | 5/13/2016 7:07 PM
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Achilles Tendon Support
I was surprised how well this brace fit into my running shoes.  I though it might be a distraction but has really been a painless transition to use.  Achilles tendinitis seems improved.
Posted by: Guest | 7/18/2016 2:44 PM
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Achilles Tendonitis
I was getting physical therapy for tendonitis, and found that when they taped my heel and up the calf, I had the best relief. I wanted a neoprene style wrap and found this in a search. It is the best $20 I have spent, such relief from it. I had to stop therapy due to time constraints, and really don't miss it. I intend on ordering a second wrap as a backup if this one wears out. Now if I can only find one like this for my wrist tendonitis!
Posted by: Guest | 12/6/2017 4:42 PM
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Achilles Tendon Support
I have chronic Achilles tendinitis and my doctor said that I am a poor candidate for surgery due to my weight. There' so much I want to do but i'm limited by this painful tendon.  This brace has made a difference.  My doc said to give it a try and I think I'm better for most activities.  Although I still can't run (never really could), I do feel as if going for a walk has improved both in the distance I can go and how I feel the next day.  Good brace.  I'd buy one again.
Posted by: Guest | 8/18/2018 7:17 PM
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Achilles Tendonitis diagnosis
I've been diagnosed with achilles tendonitis but the doctor really didn't have any suggestions for me. I googled my condition and found Myfootshop.com and this Achilles Tendon Support. It was immediately effective and has reduced my pain to almost zero!
Posted by: Guest | 4/11/2019 7:01 PM
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