Nail Cutter, Large

The Large Nail Cutter is the tool of choice for trimming thick, dystrophic fungal nails. Measures 5 1/2". Stainless steel. By 1/pkg.

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Large Nail Cutter
This tool has solved a lot of problems in our family.  Well made and easy to use.  I've had a very good experience with this purchase and company.
From: Guest | Date: 9/8/2016 6:50 PM
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Nail cutter, large
Have had a similar made in Germany cutter for 20 years, but having some trouble cutting toenails. Decided the blades might not be sharp. Also, my mom (84 years old) has been using wire cutters on her toenails. These work great on my nails, but I don't have the hand strength to use them for mom's, so I'm still using wire cutters on hers.
From: Pamela | Date: 6/24/2016 7:14 PM
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Nail Cutter, Large
As a long distance runner, I've had my fair share of nail injuries.  Lost my big toe nails more often than I care to describe.  As a result, I've gotten these big honker nails that need help.  This is the first product that I've found that really can get the job done for me.  
Well made.  Arrived promptly.
From: Guest | Date: 4/25/2016 7:08 PM
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Nail cutter
When I reached the ripe old age of 50, I started to notice that each of my toenails was taking on a new and unique personality.  The great toenails became thick and yellow.  I would have to assume that they had become infected by a fungus.  The other nails started to curve and dig into the soft tissue of the toe.  These nail cutters are a little bit longer than most and allow me to reach places without much effort.  The curved tips are also an aid to get into small corners, particularly where the nail has grown down into the skin.  Buy a pair.  You'll be glad you did.  Don
From: Guest | Date: 1/3/2015 12:17 PM
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Beautiful Product, Beautiful Results day I looked down at my husband's fungus nails (which I usually avoid at all costs) and noticed they were way, way too long.  He said he had lost the heavy duty nail clipper he owned and hadn't found anything suitable in the stores.  No worry, I thought, I can find something online!  And then I came upon's large nail clippers, listed for an affordable price, and promptly bought them. They arrived in two days and boy were we surprised at how beautifully made and sturdy they were.  My husband was immediately able to take care of his toenails with ease.  Now, if I can just stop him from losing them...
From: Guest | Date: 8/6/2014 4:23 PM
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Nail Cutter, Large (66 year old male)
I bought this as part of a care plan for long-time toenail fungus.  I thought, "Well, this will just chop out those hard-to-cut nails and fungus build-up."  It wasn't that simple.  It is so strong that I found I was cutting too much, warping the nail, etc.  Then I figured out I had to use some finesse: trim a tiny bit here, a tiny bit there.  Using this product with finesse accomplishes more than years of trying to chop through this mess with ordinary clippers.  I am delighted!
From: Guest | Date: 6/29/2014 12:26 PM
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Nail Cutter, Large
I purchased the podiatrist quality nail cutters and am completely happy.  This simple purchase will save me hundreds by not having to pay a podiatrist to do what I can with this purchase.  My nails are very thick and these cutters cut through them like butter.  I am very happy!
From: Gary | Date: 10/14/2013 3:09 PM
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Nail Cutter, Large
Very good quality, better than what can be located at typical big box stores.
From: Guest | Date: 2/12/2013 11:39 PM
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Nail Cutter, Large
A great nail cutter for an exceptional value.  No need to pay $15.00 or more for this type of prduct. My foot shop has the best value for your money.
From: Walter | Date: 7/12/2012 11:21 AM
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